Set in a tranquil, natural environment with mountain views, this is a nurturing space where like-minded individuals gather to share, support, heal and transform through the practices of yoga and meditation. Unlike many yoga studios, we don’t just focus on the physical side of yoga like asanas – there is so much more to explore and gain from the subtler areas of yoga like pranayama (breath yoga), meditation, sound and vibration. The benefit of practicing yoga and meditation in a sacred space like The Yoga Shed can’t be underestimated. All the elements to support your yoga experience have been lovingly gathered here – from mats, blankets, cushions, eyepillows and bolsters to meditation tools. We are also unique in that we incorporate the blissful element of singing bowls and sound vibration into our classes. After all, what we ultimately are is vibration. This is how our yoga can lead you back to the source, to that feeling of unity, oneness – yoga.