Corporate Yoga

Heading to the Hunter Valley for a work conference? We offer a unique yoga & meditation experience in our studio or at your conference venue.


Private Sessions

Individual sessions are available for both yoga and meditation. Suitable if you'd like a class tailored to suit you, can't make one of our group timeslots or would like a way to gentle way to ease into one our group sessions.


Sound Massage

A deeply relaxing session for one or two people. Sound healing tools will be used on and around the body. These include the gong, quartz crystal singing bowl, therapeutic brass singing bowls & tuning forks. A blissful experience!

“Yoga will strengthen the body and make you more flexible, but it can also positively transform your life. If you’re interested in a deeper experience of yoga that leads to more lasting states of peace, happiness and wellbeing then The Yoga Shed might be just what you are looking for.”

JENNY - founder and teacher, THE YOGA SHED