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Meditating alone versus meditating in a group. Is there a difference?

During our term, we offer two styles of meditation during the week. One is our Sunday Sacred Sounds Meditation session, which is a lying down meditation accompanied by singing bowls and the second is a Wednesday night round robin of different styles of meditation including sitting styles like japa with mala, chanting, tratak and [...]

Meditating alone versus meditating in a group. Is there a difference?2019-04-06T12:00:54+11:00

Sound and Yoga

The Yogis believe that the sound of creation is the mantra “OM”. Yoga has long utilised the method of sound and vibration as a form of harmonising the individual with the cosmic reality. This has been done through the techniques of mantra, vibrational pranayama such as Brahmari, and many more. In fact, all of [...]

Sound and Yoga2019-04-06T12:11:15+11:00


I created The Yoga Shed in 2005 to help share the peace, health and wellbeing that yoga, sound and meditation have given me.

Our studio is luxurious and is located in a country setting with mountain views; every effort has been made to create the right atmosphere for you.

We offer yoga, meditation, singing bowls, sound baths, chakra balancing, mantra, kirtan & sound massage.

We provide more than a yoga class, we provide a yoga experience!

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