I’m Jenny and I created The Yoga Shed in 2005 to help share the peace, health and wellbeing that yoga, sound and meditation have given me.

Jenny is a senior yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga & meditation for over 18 years. She is also a Level 2 yoga teacher with Yoga Australia and a qualified Yoga Therapist with the Yoga Therapy Institute (Sydney)

We offer studio yoga & meditation classes and an incredible selection of online classes.  Check out all of our scheduled classes here

Jenny Yoga teacher & Yoga therapist
The Yoga Shed studio outside view

Our studio is luxurious and is located in a country setting with mountain views. Every effort has been made to create the right atmosphere for your complete yoga experience.

This is more than a ‘get fit’ style of yoga but rather a path to the holistic state of wellbeing that includes the physical but is not limited to it. We also provide techniques for mental and emotional wellbeing, stress relief and practical tools for everyday life. There are classes to suit every personality and physical level. All of our classes are designed to give you a full experience of yoga and meditation at multiple levels.

Our unique approach to incorporating sound vibration with our classes is one of the ways that we do that. Ultimately what you and I are is vibrating energy and sound vibration is a very powerful method of helping us connect with this fundamental layer of our being – and it adds a blissful element to our classes.

Our singing bowls and sound instruments have the ability to transport students to deeply profound levels of relaxation – some of my students would say ‘to another realm’.

This is one of the reasons I’ve chosen to incorporate blissful sound vibrations with all of our classes.

Our wellness offerings span the traditional yoga spectrum and beyond.

We offer yoga, meditation, singing bowls, sound baths, chakra balancing, mantra, kirtan & sound massage.

Group, Individual, Couples or Corporate options.

A look at The Yoga Shed's luxurious stuido, with yoga mats all set up

Another thing that distinguishes us from other yoga/meditation offerings is that we provide yoga mats, blankets, bolsters, cushions, eye pillows, soft mattresses, all meditation tools, singing bowls and other sound meditation instruments. What we provide goes way beyond and above what other studios can offer. If you appreciate attention to detail, a personalised teaching style, senior level teaching that can take your your journey beyond just asana and provide practical wellbeing tools for living, unique classes and a relaxed atmosphere then this place is for you!

We provide more than a yoga class, we provide a yoga experience!



Corporate Yoga

Heading to the Hunter Valley for a work conference? We offer a unique yoga & meditation experience in our studio or at your conference venue.


Private Sessions

Individual sessions are available for both yoga and meditation. Suitable if you'd like a class tailored to suit you, can't make one of our group timeslots or would like a way to gentle way to ease into one our group sessions.


Sound Massage

A deeply relaxing session for one or two people. Sound healing tools will be used on and around the body. These include the gong, quartz crystal singing bowl, therapeutic brass singing bowls & tuning forks. A blissful experience!