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You can join our online term for the very affordable price of $35/month. We hope this encourages to stay connected and maintain your yoga practice during the potentially challenging times ahead. Our yoga practice is more important than ever and so is the support we receive from each other in our yoga community. We hope that our classes can provide support, healing and inspiration.  Practice our online classes as many times as you want and get access to all of our Live zoom sessions. We are here to support you personally with online classes and to maintain the community feel for our students!

JUNE online is now  open. 

Coming soon to June Online:  ‘The Mindful Workout’ and ‘Sacred Sounds Meditation (1hr)’.

What if the studio is allowed to open during June? In addition to our online classes, we’ll offer casual physical classes in our studio during June. Anyone already booked in for June online will be able to book for our physical classes at a reduced casual rate. If you aren’t booked in for June Online, the full casual rate will apply. We anticipate bringing term pricing back in for physical classes from July 1.

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