See Below for Upcoming Guest Teacher events. Don’t miss Jesse D Brand from NZ with his one of a kind event – Yogi Dance Party and Yin Sound Healing!!

Yogi Dance Party

Friday 24/01/20



(or $70 with Yin Sound Healing 25/01/20)

EARLY BIRD CODE:    Shed-Dance-Early    (limited numbers)


A yogic, musical and dancing journey with silent disco headphones that sets the soul free.  Experience EDM, produce live, through looping, playing native instruments such as hand drum, native flute, didgeridoo, cartels, singing bowl, shaker etc. Mixed with provoking kick drums, synthesisers, and more.  At the same time you are guided through some intuitive yoga flows, then set free into free-form ecstatic dance.  Jesse also freestyle sings and raps about the spiritual journey of life and encourage group participation through soulful call and response tonal singing. The journey concludes with a return to earth as the music calms down into a deep guided shavasana.

Yin Sound Healing

Friday 25/01/20



(or $70 with Yogi Dance Party 24/01/20)

EARLY BIRD CODE:    Shed-Yin-Early    (limited numbers)


Yin Sound Healing is led by instructor and musician, Jesse D Brand.  Feel guided through a series of yin postures that stimulates each chakra, working with their particular vowel sound, that we will be supported in singing together. This is complemented by binaural beats and live native instruments such as hand drum, native flute, digeridoo, cartels, singing bowl, shaker etc. Jesse also uses his soulful singing voice through intuitive words and song to guide your journey from root to crown.

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