During our term, we offer two styles of meditation during the week. One is our Sunday Sacred Sounds Meditation session, which is a lying down meditation accompanied by singing bowls and the second is a Wednesday night round robin of different styles of meditation including sitting styles like japa with mala, chanting, tratak and more.

The common denominator with all of these meditations are is that we are coming together as a group to meditate, and believe me that changes things up a bit!

I do get the opportunity to practice meditation along with my students, especially during our sitting styles of meditation. What I perceive is something like a ‘field’ that anchors us to our practice and deepens the experience. The sense of stillness, interconnection and unity that is experienced is quite beautiful.

Meditating in a group is very different to meditating on your own. There are advantages to both methods but if you get the chance to meditate in a group, make sure you appreciate everything that opportunity brings with it.