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Every Thursday  6pm-7:15pm for 10 weeks starting 5 May 2019 and finishing 3 July 2019.


Yogalates is the fusion of Yoga and Pilates – a marrying of the spiritual East in Yoga and the control and strength of Western Pilates.

Fine-tuned Yoga with traditional poses and strength work, utilising breathing, relaxation and mat work; with the addition of aids including bands, blocks and bolsters – all provided.

This method is non-competitive, yet strenuous and safe and is designed to meet the individual needs of the student.


I have trained extensively to teach yoga, Pilates and yogalates and also to guide students into a new understanding of their own body and how it can be rebuilt, re-shaped and focused to be stronger, manage pain better and be more spiritually aware.


Integrate mind, body and the focus of breath to fundamentally change movement and posture. Suitable for most fitness levels, subject to any pre-existing conditions or recent surgery. 

Yogalates helps with;

Core strengthening | General Fitness | Neck Pain / Stiffness | Stress management | Backpain | Postnatal strengthening | Relaxation | Postural realignment | Injury rehabilitation | Balancing hormones | Arthritis | Osteoporosis