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Join Yoga Teacher Jenny Klok and Natural Wellness Advocate Britt Barlow for this unique class!

Chakra Balancing with a Lying Down Meditation, Singing Bowls, Positive Affirmations and doTERRA Essential Oils.

This is a truly decadent class that’s all about you – and the flow of energy in your body!

Enjoy the delightful aromas from Britt’s essential oil Chakra Blends.

Bliss out with Jenny’s unique set of 7 Quartz Crystal  Chakra Singing Bowls

Lie on one of our comfy full body length mattresses, place an eyepillow over the eyes and bliss out with sound and scent.

Experience how meditation, scent, sound and affirmations help balance the chakras and improve wellbeing.

Aroma, Sound, Meditation and Deeply Nourishing Relaxation. This class has it all!