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Every Sunday 5pm-6pm for 10 weeks starting 21 July 2019 and finishing 22 September 2019.

A truly beautiful lying down meditation enhanced by Singing Bowls and other sound meditation instruments. This practice is profoundly relaxing, improves sleep and enhances mental and emotional wellbeing. It also promotes Serotonin release.

Other sound and vibration experiences include the Shamanic Drum, Shamanic Rattle, Ocean Drum, Chakra Drum, Gong and Paired Binaural Beat Alpha Bowls .

Experience the bliss of deep relaxation while lying comfortably on a floor mattress with the aid of cushions, bolster, blankets and a sand filled, satin covered eye pillow.

Get ready to enter a peaceful state surrounded by blissful sounds and good vibrations!

Benefit of a term booking over casual class: Saves you up to $70 over the course of the 10 week term period as compared to a casual rate and guarantees you a spot in the class. You also receive 2 free makeups in another class during the same term if you can’t make your regular timeslot. As a special offer – term bookings give you the option to do a second class per week in another timeslot for just $50 extra/term. Amazing value.

Students must arrive to class at least 15 minutes early for set up. The class starts strictly at 5pm and no late comers will be accepted as it may disturb the relaxation process of other students.