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Join our private group face book where you’ll receive a daily yoga or meditation practice for 28 days. Receive inspirations from others

Ever wanted to discover the benefits of doing yoga & Meditation on a regular basis but don’t have the ability to self motivate?

This online program is for you. We’ll get you motivated and you get to practice from the comfort and convenience of your home!

October Online 28 day yoga & meditation challenge runs from from 1 October to 28 October.

Practice yoga or meditation everyday or on a regular basis during the week. You decide the frequency of practice! You’ll experience benefits from doing 1 regular class per week however we recommend a minimum of 3 classes for you to notice some real change in your physical, mental and emotional state. What happens if you practice everyday? Well, that’s likely to cause some real positive transformation!! But we understand that you need to work around your schedule and do what’s right for you. You won’t be judged by how many classes you do, but you will receive positive reinforcement for every class you can do.

Here’s how it works: You’ll get access to a private facebook group where a daily yoga or meditation video will be posted. You’ll be encouraged to let us know in the comments which class you practiced and give us some short feedback on how the class went for you. Others will support you with a like or a love and let you know which class they practiced as well. The success of the program lies with positive engagement on the group page. Motivate yourself by motivating others.

What kinds of classes can you expect? yoga, breathwork, meditation and mantra.

‘We practice yoga for ourselves but we also practice for those around us. We are not separate from each other at the most fundamental layer of our existence.’

Hope to see you in the ether