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Would you like to be enveloped in the beautiful vibrations of the Gong, Shamanic Drum, Shamanic Rattle, Tuning Forks and Singing Bowls?

It’s a bit like taking a bath in sound and vibration!

This class is similar to our Sacred Sounds Meditation but the class size is limited so that you get more of a personalised and concentrated experience of the Sound Meditation instruments up close to the body. Some of them might give you the head tingles or goosebumps! Experience the brass singing bowl played on the abdomen! Bliss!

Lie comfortably on one of our full body length floor mattresses, cosy up under a blanket and place one of our decadent satin covered eyepillows over the eyes and prepare to be transported to a world of deep relaxation and positive vibrations. All of the creature comforts are taken care of!

Experience the many benefits of Sounds and Vibration including deep relaxation, stress relief, increased serotonin production, better sleep and more!