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Every Friday 9am-10am for 9 weeks: 7 Feb 2020-3 Apr 2020.

Booking inc: 2 complimentary makeups classes if you can’t make your regular timeslot.

Suitable for a complete beginner or an experienced student.

A mat Pilates class will help in strengthening the whole body, however special focus is given to the abdominals, lower back muscles and pelvic floor. Exercises use your own body and resistance bands to build strength and flexibility as well as improve posture and balance, creating postural symmetry and preventing injury caused by excess stress on the spinal column.

Pilates has a strong use of breath, allowing an influx of oxygen to better complete each movement and aid in building momentum into the exercises. This concentration of breath also assists with relaxation, mindfulness and stress reduction.

Pregnant Students, please contact us before booking to check suitability of the class.

Are you a new student? Let us know when you enrol if you would like us to walk you through some techniques before you start your first class. We know what a big step starting something new can be and we want to support you as much as we can along the way. We pride ourselves on providing individualised attention where necessary and supporting our students in their yoga journey.


Ready to start your yoga journey? Head to the ticket link and follow our simple book and pay system.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our unique and supportive, fully equipped yoga studio!

We provide more than a yoga class, we provide a yoga experience!

Why Choose The Yoga Shed?

Would you like to stretch and strengthen the body? Learn valuable breathing techniques to manage emotions? Calm an overly busy or anxious mind? Want to enhance your health and wellbeing at the physical, mental and emotional level? We can teach you valuable yogic skills that can help relieve stress, manage emotions, encourage self development, restore and rejuvenate! Yoga is an ancient technique that can help us live a more healthy and balanced life! We take you into the deeper layers of yoga where the real gems of the practice lie. Are you ready? We can support you on this amazing journey!

Our studio is luxurious and is located in a country setting with mountain views. Every effort has been made to create the right atmosphere for your complete yoga experience.

We provide yoga mats, blankets, bolsters, cushions, eye pillows, soft mattresses, all meditation tools, singing bowls and other sound meditation instruments. What we provide goes way beyond and above what other studios can offer. If you appreciate attention to detail, a personalised teaching style, unique classes and a relaxed atmosphere then this place is for you!