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A mat Pilates class will help in strengthening the whole body, however special focus is given to the abdominals, lower back muscles and pelvic floor. Exercises use your own body and resistance bands to build strength and flexibility as well as improve posture and balance, creating postural symmetry and preventing injury caused by excess stress on the spinal column.

Pilates has a strong use of breath, allowing an influx of oxygen to better complete each movement and aid in building momentum into the exercises. This concentration of breath also assists with relaxation, mindfulness and stress reduction.

Mat based Pilates is suitable for most levels of fitness and ability and is known for being safe and beneficial for men and women.

About Pip – your teacher

I have trained extensively to teach yoga, Pilates and yogalates and also to guide students into a new understanding of their own body and how it can be rebuilt, re-shaped and focused to be stronger, manage pain better and be more spiritually aware.