Yoga is about playing the long game

A much younger me and the current me! I've been teaching yoga for a LONG time now. 15 years. I've also completed thousands of hours worth of training. When you start out, yoga is usually about getting stronger in the body or becoming more flexible - but that's just the [...]

Yoga is about playing the long game2023-03-31T15:03:25+11:00

Nadi Shodhana Technique for balance

Nadi Shodhana is a balancing pranayama (breathing practice) that balances the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system, balances the qualities of introversion and extroversion and harmonises the operation of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Yoga techniques empower us to rebalance the sometimes negative effects of our external environment i.e stress, [...]

Nadi Shodhana Technique for balance2023-03-31T15:03:36+11:00

Should Yoga be practiced to music?

I've grappled with this question many times. Should Yoga be practiced to music? Does it in some way detract from the sacredness of the practice or reduce the meditative aspect? Or, by practicing yoga to music are we simply downgrading a multi-layered practice to an exercise class that relies on music [...]

Should Yoga be practiced to music?2023-03-31T15:03:45+11:00


I created The Yoga Shed in 2005 to help share the peace, health and wellbeing that yoga, sound and meditation have given me.

Our studio is luxurious and is located in a country setting with mountain views; every effort has been made to create the right atmosphere for you.

We offer yoga, meditation, singing bowls, sound baths, chakra balancing, mantra, kirtan & sound massage.

We provide more than a yoga class, we provide a yoga experience!

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